By: Lawrence Langman

For every man there is a woman, so the story goes.
You spend your life awaiting, for the one to call your own.
Now I've been waiting for such a long time,
For this woman to come my way.
But people are talking, and I don't like the things they say.
Well, I'm 22 and you're 17, what's a man to do?
For every time I'm near you, I fall more in love with you.
I think that age should make no difference.
It's how you feel inside.
If your mature enough to handle it, only time will decide.
People say what I'm doing is so very wrong.
For the feelings that I feel for her
Are on the wrong side of the law.
I ws married to a lady, who was married once before.
She didn't give the love I needed,
In my heart she closed the door.
For every time I'm near you, I feel so good inside.
For every time I'm near you, I don't need no alibis.
Well I'm 22 and you're 17, what's a man to do?
For every time I'm near you, I fall more in love with you.

Copyright 1998. Lawrence Langman

Copyright 1998. Lawrence Langman

Written by: Lawrence Langman and Divanta

Fierce of fire, are these creatures, fly by knights.
Hunted hunters, soar like eagles, go to flight.

Days of drakness, eyes of onyx, light the nights.
Angry giants, seek redemption, causing strife.

Ageless legends, wings of gold, fill the sky.
Hearts ablaze, full of fury, a shrieking cry.

Sight of terror, breath of hell, an endless tide.
Once friends, now foes, no place to hide.

In the evening, with endless cover, pitch of black.
Fire blazing, life is hanging, friendship lack.

Steel is forged, no room for error,precision counts.
Hearts a pounding, courage raging, when to pounce.

Overhead, with death descending, repent and rite.
Piercing screams, hollow echoes, hallowed lights.

Hero mounted, swords drawn, time to fight.
Claws extended, the taste of blood, a fallen knight.

Doubts arising, fears growing, cries of pain.
Armor clashing, spears thrown, a dragon's bane.

A starless nght, a grassy plain, painted blood red.
Man of courage, beast of honor, none yet dead.

Exhaustion wails, spirits fall, sweat like rain.
Tail strikes forward, teeth are mashing, muscles strain.

Arms of lead, wounds wide open, sensing death.
Who will conquer, life is wasting, nothing left.

Sword hangs loosely, loss of flight, scales abound.
Endurance calling, daybreak near, now not a sound.

Distant waterfalls, calmness reigns, windswept flowers.
Swords lie broken, blood in pools, no one towers.

Silent echoes, shattered dreams, not one survived.
Dawn awakens, battle ended, wasted lives.

Copyright 1998. Lawrence Langman and Divanta

Copyright 1998. Lawrence Langman

Written by: Lawrence Langman

I walked in the room for the first time.
A room I've never walked before.
At first I was cold, the chills raced through me,
As soon as I passed through that door.
A feeling that I once was here before today.
Should I go or should I stay?
That feeling grew stronger as I walked
Through the hall.
There a picture hung, of a lady I vaguely recalled.
Maybe a lover, a friend, or even a wife.
But one thing for certain, not today,
Not yesterday, not even in this life.

Copyright 1998. Lawrence Langman

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