By: Lawrence Langman
There's a girl, she's written in my dreams.
All alone, I see her there with me.
Just a dream I know, but she's my ecstasy.
Who would believe, she'd be waiting there for me.
It's a long way from reality, I know.
But she lets me be who I want to be,
Except for the man that people see outside.
I don't know what I'm gonna do,
When or where or why or who.
All I know is she's the one for me.
In my dreams, I wake up every morning.
I turn around to find you lying there.
I kiss your face, and thank the stars above me.
Your crying eyes, as I brush back your hair.
I'm not the type of guy who makes up fantasies.
I like you where you are, in and out of my dreams.
There's a girl, she's written in my dreams.
All alone I see her there with me.
Just a dream I know, but she's my ecstasy.
Who would believe that she'd be waiting there for me.

Copyright 1998. Lawrence Langman

Copyright 1998. Lawrence Langman

By: Lawrence Langman

A little boy was born today.
Tomorrow he'll run out and play.

The years just seem to slide on by.
The mother seems to sit and cry.

As time goes on, the boy's a man.
He's slipped away right through her hands.

He's moved away to his own affairs.
Without the love of his mother's care.

As days go by, she waits to hear.
He doesn't call, she's now in tears.

He wants to tell her he loves her so.
Maybe inside he feels too old.

He's very wrong to feel this way.
He loves her more than words can say.

Copyright 1998. Lawrence Langman

Copyright 1998. Lawrence Langman

By: Lawrence Langman

I remember your eyes, when I first saw your face.
The laughter, the joy, the tears you've embraced.
Oddly enough, we were there for the same reasons.
Unhappiness and loneliness are not reserved for a season.
We talked through the night, oh how the time flew by.
We found a lot in common without much of a try.
I was still married, in jail, so it seemed.
Waiting for judgment, or parole, which was deemed.
You were with him, still confused with your feelings.
Hoping to find escape from his wrongful dealings.
Who would have thought that a few months later,
A divorce, a good-bye, and then we were married.
No one could believe what we really had done.
We'd jumped into the fire with no protection on.
We were the talk of the town, in a manner of speaking.
The odds were against us, but we were not sinking.
We took a hell of a chance and gambled it all.
High rollers through the scheme of it all.
If only they knew how happy we've been.
A dog and a cat and even three kids.
We've been through alot, some hell and some high water.
Managing to swim or put out the fire.
It's been seven years now, and still seems like a dream.
My love for you is stronger and flows like a raging stream.
I hope you understand, there is no one else for me.
Your life, my love, you're my everything.
When it's all said and done, we have come a long way.
I hope in your heart and your soul, you feel the same way.
I hope that the next seven years will be as good as the last.
With many more to follow, let our love last and last.
I'll love you till tomorrow is no more. If there's life after death,
And we walk through those gates, I hope we stay together,
Until eternity is out fate.

Copyright 1998. Lawrence Langman

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